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TAPE – About the project


Innovation in food industry can be characterized as a continuous process, where results are achieved by taking small steps. Innovation is a key factor to well-being, health, quality of life of the population, as well as it is a clue to generate income, reduce unemployment and decrease food-industry risks.

The main objective of the project TAPE (Territorial Action Plan for Employment) is to establish a sustainable, internationally competitive food industry on the Slovak-Hungarian border, not only increasing the efficiency of SMEs, but also supporting job creation in the region.

The following steps are to taken to achieve the project objective:

  • Project partners of TAPE-Food Industry (K.K.V. Union s.r.o., AEH spol. s.r.o, Mäsovinky s.r.o., Kősziklás borászat Kft., Vörös Tészta Manufaktúra, NPPC) will create 7 workplaces by purchasing and implementing innovative technology.
  • The institutions (NCCP-VÚP, SZE) ensuring research background will set up a tool park and a pool of researchers and specialists in order to propose new technological development.
  • In addition to ensuring project-level communication tasks, the task of RDV EGTC will be to promote the project results and achievements. This task is achieved by organizing thematic meetings for the target audience, managing the website of TAPE-Food Industry, ensuring media presence by publishing articles in local and regional newspapers, promoting the project activities in the local and regional TV and radio, preparing „TAPE movie“ about the project implementation and synergy between the projects as well as preparing trailers about the implementation of innovative technologies in SMEs involved in the project. The main objective of RDV EGTC is to ensure the transfer of professional knowledge and introduction of innovative practices applied by project partners to a wider scope of audience.


  • TOOL PARK SUPPORTING THE FOOD INDUSTRY ACTIVITY (BRATISLAVA) – innovative technologies contributing to production of new and healthy regional produce.
  • CENTRE OF QUALITY ASSURANCE AND SUPPORT (GYŐR) – the center provides the measurement of nutritional value of agricultural raw material and finished products. The center helps the project partners of LPP in realizing their business plans.
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF INNOVATIVE TEHCNOLOGY – SMEs involved in the project lay the foundations for development of new and healthy regional product range and will establish a long-term cooperation between different players of food industry by introducing innovative technology in food industry.